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folder configuration & inheritance

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repeatable attributes

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handle invalid input from url-parameter gracefully (many thanks to Frank Bergmann for the hint)

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- fix regression test

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make sure we exclude null paths from cr_files_to_delete

- require swa to allow editing of arbitry content in rich text

adding method "xo::ical utc_to_clock"

fix bug 2807 security issue during enhanced text/html edit.

Fix bug 3203 timeanddate.com regexp needs updating. Made regexp more forgiving. Also cleaned up related parsing to help minimize future maintenance.

Commiting parameter description clarification and patch 920 http://openacs.org/bugtracker/openacs/patch?patch_number=920

fix bug #3211

Using acs_root_dir to get installation's root dir instead of checking directly acs_properties nsv array.

- working around tdom bug (in asHTML)

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beta, working versions

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fix memory leak in lars blogger

update list of RFCs, provide descriptions

document, which HTTP methods are defined by which RFC

added REPORT method to protocol handler

make includelet html-file configurable with extra_css (a list of css files)

From tcl 8.5 on, apply is a tcl command, this has been fixed already on the core some time ago. "apply" is since then "ad_apply".

- adding conneciton-min and animation-min to load list for yui-carousel, in case treeprocs are not loaded (many thanks to Richard Hamilton for noticing this)

- use ajaxhelper for yui-carousel

move "list-style: none" from UL to LI to avoid circle-bullets in tabbed master with yui-base

- handle file names with spaces properly

- rename file->entry_name to file->entry_info to better reflect its nature

- import-procs: allow alternatively application/zip and application/x-zip

for application/x-zip-compressed

- remove unneeded line (Many thanks to Richard Hamilton)

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Presetting url variable used on message key.

- more i18n

- include url in repeated-request message

- added parameter use_photo_form to ::xowiki::ArchiveFile to import images as instances of en:photo.form

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- added method db_0or1row to ::xotcl::Object similar to db_1row. The method loads the output variables of the SQL query directly into the current object.

- add support for all-day items

- stick to use cr/lf as required by RFC

- provide better modularization