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patch 109

making the parameters required explicitly

New xql files as part of the demo fix.

Fixed the 'Simple Form' and 'Editing: several pages in one' demos.

Run demo-drop and then demo-create scripts in Postgresql to take advantage

of this fix in a running system.

Changed timezone calls to CAST for PG 7.2 compatibility ...

more consistency

added a few more helper procs for site nodes (this needs to move over to the kernel)

added applet_active_p to community procs, find if sibling applets are active in a community

add get_group_calendar_id proc

cleaned up api a bit; still more cleaning up to be done

now use cleaner fs api instead of doing everything ourselves

now instantiates filie-storage at /dotlrn/file-storage on installation and creates a root folder for dotlrn with appropriate permissions. when a dotlrn user is created the appropriate folders are created for each user

helice QD weirdness


renaming in instructor to professor

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cleaned up and moved query to xql files

added a missing query

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fix for adding subcomms of classes


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show query bug fix

made pretty_name nullable

fixed up uniqueness of package_key

bug fix \(opposite logic\)

fixed naming of portlets

fixed up some displaying

fixing some queries


more updates

added hack to render only template

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fixed up things for pretty_name