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a.action -> ul.action-links

Fixed another typo in permissions procs

Fixed bug with thread-level caching of permissions: Typo in proc definition

a.action => ul.action-links

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Fixed bug #1349: Charter not showing on index page

moved, colorized compatibility chart

Moved rendering stuff to proper templates rather than generate them in

tcl procs.

Upgrade scripts for changes to copy and move. Bumped up version number.

Added some paragraphs. Want them to be backed up.

Added a few helper procs

More hierarchical workflow stuff

adapting to changed workflow package - there is no workflow_case_enabled_actions.enabled_state column now

fixed query doc link

adapting tasks include to new recursive workflow. There are no top_case_id or real_role_id columns more

diagnosis section

added diagnosis

added perfomance diagnosis section

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added picture of query analysis

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More hierarchy

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Simbuild update

moving cloning form in simbuild out into an include and using it to enable cloning in siminst. Adapting the task page in the siminst wizard so that it works with the recent workflow changes

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Got rid of the permissions check in the query, because we only see this if we're site-wide admins, anyway

Added ul style action-links, which lets you do an <ul>..<li>.. of action links, instead of the old a.action class, which would make the whitespace clickable, too

Cut some trigger_type options irrelevant for Leiden

Timeout, removed recipients TODO

Fixed stuff to work with hierarchy/parallel/dynamic workflows

Hide the defunct rp_show_debug filter

Caching results of permission checks within one thread -- typically avoids 3-6 DB hits per page