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Replaced dotlrn::get_user_name with a call to acs_user::get, because that proc is also cached, but the cache there is flushed correctly when the user changes his/her name

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tidying up the generate_xml_file test case a little and adding xml parsing as an extra a check

updated backup

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removing old orphan files

adding test case for map xml generation

cleaned up

rolled back mistake

changed db user from postgres to

put the removed bcms procs here, will update at a later time

made the api doc better, also replaced SQL with {}. removed additional_columns param on bcms::item::list_items not being used, removed bcms::item::list_pages list_images list_files as they are bcms-ui-wizard specific. change bcms::item::format_string_as_url -url to -string, renamed bcms::item::item_url_duplicate_test to bcms::item::create_unique_url

made the api doc better, also replaced SQL with {}. i have also remove bcms::wizard_step and bcms::init_bcms as they are bcms-ui-wizard specific. i have also moved out bcms::register_content_type and bcms::is_registered_content_type and now moved to bcms::folder name space

Finishing the map xml feature with manual testing and notification support. Joel refactored the master template and index page

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added run

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removed obsolete files

irc link should be to freenode.net now

don't count the guest user on the registration history page (user_id 0)

don't count the guest user on the users admin page (user_id 0)

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bowdlerized comments

added clarification to auto-install

duped package_key flag bug 1125

added an admin guide and started out with the Map XML feature

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beta 1


rebuilt for beta 1

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add localized_message to error since otherwise it is quite hard to track down which message has a problem

Added parameter to determine the name of the batch sync acknowledgement file

Use textarea for descriptions