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Bumped up the requirement for acs-content-repository, to require the new define_function_args call

Added PG define_function_args to a single PL/SQL proc, so we can use package_instantiate_object - need to add it to the rest

- Fixed bug #163: Formatting of bug comments broken - much too wide

- Added a max-width: 700px around each activity log history entry.

- Templated the activity log history, so it's easier to customize the display

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Fixed bug #923: first/last nav buttons

Log error to errorlog when there's a problem creating an application

Added first/last images

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Moving stylesheet into a separate file

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Fixed some links

Don't duplicate page title in context bar

Replaced table with div for back/forward naviagation

Removed unnecessary tables in standard form template

Templated page

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I18N work: using I18N admin UI to walk through adp:s in file-storage and found a couple of texts that I turned into message lookups. About 20 new keys added

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- Added link to reload/watch package files

New bcms::folder::create_folder implementation that uses package_instantiate_object and can set package_id

- Fixed problem with watching, so we can watch any tcl/xql file.

- Output message if we're trying to watch a file that we can't reload, so you'll at least know that the watch didn't occur.

- apm_guess_file_type had changed, causing watching to break - not using it now

I18N admin fix: when skipping a file and there are no files left to process - return to I18N index page

I18N: converting one text in adp into message lookup

removing debug printout and error

improved support for adp file internationalization UI. You can now show only adp:s with translatable text. Added a button for skipping an adp file

A few Danish I18N translations generated while trying out the I18N


Adding a note that you can refer to the formerror message within the tag, thanks to Lars clarification (#385).

work in progress

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Changed pretty-name of package to avoid clash with new pretty-name of acs-events

fixing malformed tag for Make_member key added in last commit

noquoting adp var. Making number_of_keys optional page arg

Fixed bug #939 reported by Lars Pind. Only display the spellcheck sub-widget in edit mode.

some tweaks and simplifications to data model. Matches revision 5 of diagram

reverting to version 1.13. Version 1.14 was committed by mistake

we already have the package_id