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Default applets instance_name to package's pretty_name instead of package_key

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Make context bar work with the index page in applications as well


Capitalize first letters of Yes and No

don't show email to un-logged in users.

general xql file had postgresql signature in it

Unassigned query not ported to PG

initializes category_defaults so empty bug-tracker does not fail

Adding a line to the api-doc of auth::create_user that it returns the user_id also.

Closes bug #854. Missing noquote, improper vertical alignment of arrow buttons.

Added double quotes around tag parameters.

adds a kernel param ExcludedFiles for which the rp returns 404 (set to */CVS/* *~) and support for that in rp

writing a Tcl proc with accompanying test case to replace the news__status plsql function. TODO: replace usage of plsql function with Tcl proc and update view

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Fixed bug #882: gifs mising in file-storage

Do not center the form, makes it look really ugly (input fields are centered within themselves


get tmpdir from acs-subsite bug 75 Simos Gabrielidis

Removing the graphics/ directory since the emoticon pics live in resources/ now.

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Bug #801 - made display / edit mode buttons available in a form_buttons(label, name) multirow.

localizing folder names (they used to show up as message keys in the UI)

bug 361: making cr_items.parent_id of case log entries be the object_id of the object governed by the case, just like for the acs_object.context_id of the case

making party::get_by_email do a lowercase email comparison so that people can't create accounts that with emails that differ only in case. See bug 740

changing pretty names going into the database to be on syntax #package_key.message_key#

changed routine logging from Notice to Debug

Added parameter for whether intermedia search should be used or not, default to no, so forums don't break hard on Oracle

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Added link to view forum

Fixed bug #873 for Oracle by also using 'like' search for Oracle. Intermedia doesn't install by default, and I'm not sure how we're going to make it.

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The variable 'text' is now used to contain the context bar, and thus shouldn't be output in the <head><title> tag.

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Fix for bug #876. Non-members now sees a text-only email address, where

the domain has been replaced by the first two letters plus '...'.

adds a multirow pop command Patch 282 Jerry Asher

adds a multirow pop command Patch 282 Jerry Asher