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Merged 4.6.4d1 (unreleased) to HEAD. This marks the end of the life of the oacs-4-6 branch.

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Oracle bugfix: the invocation of plsql function add_user hadn't been updated to the new signature

bugfix: forgot to reset the rollback tests global variable after a testcase. Removing debug printouts

making danish, french, and finnish enabled by default, fixing Tcl API tests

Oracle bug fix: add_user plsql function no longer takes password_question and password_answer arguments

fixing typo in column name in lang_messages_audit - changing from comment to comment_text

adding two message keys needed by external authentication - bumping up version number

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adding two message keys needed by external authentication

adding datamodel for authority parameters and bumping version to 5.0d4

adding support for rolling back test code with the proc aa_run_with_teardown

Constraints interface improved (can now add constraints optionally for

each task).

Made a few minor bug fixes to random photo widget

You can now not enter a constraint against the task making the constraint.

Fixed a bug that prevented the constraint page from coming up.

bug fix, so context with work on root node

Added includable random-photo widget to Jeff's photo album in contrib. Works only with Postgres at the moment

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some notes of bcms changes

initial addition of bcms-ui-base, a bcms ui package

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added support for cr_keywords, added some procs, revised some procs, but better documentation on some procs

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adding params for service contract implementations

noquote bugs fixed

added Hrvoje Niksic's noquote documentation

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Merge from oacs-4-6-4d1: Replaced proc_doc with ad_proc (

Merged over change: -unclobber, db_multirow_group_last_row_p

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fixing the authority API and adding tests for it

adding API and tests for password management API (EXT-AUTH-05)

added daemontools run file

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removing debug printouts

mounting acs-automated-testing under /test rather than /acs-automated-testing (less typing)

Added more safety check for focus

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