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committed notes, so others can have some more info

making sure you can go straight to the participants tab in the siminst wizard. Fixing ticket 13

giving anonymous users access to the yellow-pages page (ticket #12)

changing permission check to be done on the authenticated user_id (ad_conn user_id), not the untrusted one.

changing the proc security::RestrictLoginToSSLP to only return 1 if https is available on the server.

added clear: left; to the style for breadcrumb.

The requirement is only apparent in mozilla - since the font sizing etc there

makes the sitename text sit a little lower, the lhs of the breadcrumb would

alignt with the rhs of the sitename. note that the design requires it in all

css implementations to be correct, and it will do no harm...

Added support for htmlArea to richtext widget. Controlled by the UseHtmlAreaForRichtextP parameter, which currently defaults to 'false', because the user doesn't have a way to turn it off yet, and it doesn't work in all browsers.

Configure HTMLarea to have the right root directory

Added support for htmlArea to blank-master

Added htmlArea 3.0 beta to OpenACS

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Added link to developer-support, if installed

Removed references to bgcolor, textcolor, background

Changed ordering of site-mater CSS and header_stuff, to allow pages to override things in site-master.css

adding an example value to the description for the MapXMLFilePath parameter fixing collaboraid ticket 14

removing dependency of the simulation package on file-storage

Bumped up version number to 5.0.1

Bumping up version number to 2.0.1

rollback of Timo's name, package_id commit; see TIP 53

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added short doc on how to release openacs packages; added missing html files for this and for upgrade

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added short doc on how to release openacs packages

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fixed bug re: perl munging of postgresql dump file

added some better perl munging from openacs.org's upgrade script;

added work-from-copy in step 1 and and /connect munging

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added some band-aid layout to make install from repository/local less


Implementing ticket #20: Bulk Task Response. The bulk of the changes are on the tasks include and the task-detail page. Implementing ticket #17: sending message to own role (just removing an if statement)

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corrected links in core doc TOC on index.adp

Fixed 1511 by following Anupriya's proposal.

Removed test case that won't fix 'by design'.

Added warning on nested group tags, following up on bug #428.

added deploy script

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added tcl deployment script