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last of the templating docstrings that existed.

About 60 more ad_procs in acs-templating now have doc strings; still more to go

removed dotlrn-research / research-portlet

extending switch stmt to play nice with prof comms

fix get_default_roles_not_cached for comm types

fix typo attachmens -> attachments

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fixups and added approved_p column

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Fixed problem with two different queries in apm_upgrade_script_compare with the same name that caused upgrade scripts to be run in the wrong order.

Moved template::widget::comment widget from bug-tracker to here.

rem dotlrn-research / research-portlet from the modules list

Make upgrade script safer by putting the drop table statement inside a function with the insert statement, so if the insert fails, the drop table won't get executed.

Added url-name to components, plus a URL shortcut, and email-subject-name to projects

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Added upgrade script for the needinfo resolution code

Added needinfo resolution code

Fixed bug #29: selectively display user agent

Temporary fix to bug #2: too many users in drop-down.

Added sort by priority/severity

Factored out a string_truncate proc. No resolution code for non-resolve entries. Stuff.

Default to only showing the latest versions of packages

Add resolution code information to the bug actions

Give the submitter write_p on his or her own bug.

added new files to allow user submission of links

change content_type

update info file

changes to forums for openacs.org

Moved bug-tracker Tcl procs to a bug_tracker namespace

fixes query name for member_p.user_is_member bug 1661/patch 347

don't quote booleans in tcl fixes 1596/patch 315