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add a forum-create function for install.xml, add a messages-list include for simple recent post presentation

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add a list format for folder-chunk and an ::install::xml::action::file-storage-folder to create a folder via an install.xml file

add lib/recent include for listing recent files in a box somewhere

add an excluded_trees flag which lets you exclude some category trees from the widget set

add the community-new action for install.xml; allow value field for parameter to be defaulted to {} since otherwise you can't set a parameter to the empty string; add a -nested flag to apm::process_install_xml so that it's possible to do included install.xml's

expand children applications. this won't scale but without it you can't set parameters in applications other than those immediately under the subsite

no longer redefine ad_conn in install since it's needed in some libraries in callbacks, do install.xml after admin user created, load catalogs after install.

pull in changes from production CoP site

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remove invalid flag for copy

en_GB 24h clock

fix a couple broken links

branch enabled

add file to upgrade from version 0.10d3 to 0.10d4

Internationalization messages added

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more messages

Fixing count_pending_users query.

Fixing count_pending_users query.

fixes for bug 971

Removed the "malte bug hacks"

fixing manual execution of actions

select distinct for getting list of current assginees

change of display

sending right paramters to proc and allow execution of actions at the end of the assessment

allow execution of actions at the end of the assessment

Removed the "next bug" navigation widget because a) it was adding literally

about four seconds to the bug display render time and b) OCT people said

they never actually use the feature anyway ...

change proc to allow branching

sending right paramters to proc

Further internationalization

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Upgraded for i18n. Too lazy to revert the lists back into curly braces after detecting that the #foor.bar# syntax works

allow branching between sections