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Enable parameter::get to check the parameter file bug 1715/patch 427

fix inccorect ad_script_aborts

return after ad_return_template, context_bar after setting title bug 1728/patch 440 Brad Duell

fixed tree query in cms permissions - error left over from tree_sortkey change

clean up forum-view page navigation

split CVS directory listings on /

color matches blue in header

no changes

fixed header_stuff check in general-master to append so that the site-wide stylesheet is used


Bug fix 1721.

Bug fix 1720.

Bug fix 1718.

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Changed ecommerce package to singleton as it can only be mounted once.

Bumped version numbers up from 4.5 to 4.6.

Fixed bug when more than 1 authorization attempt has been made.

fix the object attributes (table, column name)


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fixed merge of get_mime_info

Updated documentation .adp files to reflect the new site wide master template.

Removed another non absrtact url.

Applied patch 1701 submitted by Brad Duell. See SDM.

Removed local ecommerce master template.

1) Updated documentation .adp files to reflect the new site wide master template.

2) Removed last calls to ec_footer from ecommerce.

3) Removed references to the non existing ecommerce parameter EcommercePath

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ns_return->ad_return, ad_script_abort, redirect to absract urls

  1. … 92 more files in changeset.
cleanup from sloan

backing out last patch since ad_returnredirect called in filter

parent id not being passed corrrectly for postgresql

Peter Marklund: setting the sql_file_paths session property with a clob instead of a varchar (we have so darn many packages these days...)