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make sure attachment_options exists

double qoute width=NUM%> to avoid the ADP parser warnings fixes bug 1582 patch 304

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dangerously close to loading/dropping without errors

sync proc defs and usage (hopefully)

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restricts meta refresh workaround to ie 5.0. patch 303. bug 1106.

fixed function argument list

disallows space after @ in util_email_valid_p. patch 302. bug 1025.

added missing quote. patch 301. bug 1510.

sorts tickets by numerical rather than alphabetical priority/severity. Fix bug 1508 with patch 300

properly orers tickets in ticket-add by numerical value. patch 299 fixing bug 1581

I'm now using Jeff Davis's list of binary file extensions ...

fixed user deletion bug 1413 patch 285

fix a few more instances of ad_parameter SystemURL calls

Fixed xmlrpc_contruct. It no longer eats all args beginning with "-"

I created a list of the offical switches for datatypes and check

just for those. everything else it passes back as an xmlrpc string

util_memoize_value_cached_p should be util_memoize_cached_p fixes bug 1546 patch 250

site map subtree collapse bug fixes bug 1269 patch 298

datamodel loading *almost* works

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Fix timestamp function fixes bug 1429 patch 219

get parameters for the mounted instance Fixes bug 1352 patch 297

dont overstrike directories in the tree display. Fixes bug 1516 patch 294

Fixed xmlrpc_parse to handle older nsxml versions with the root node bug,

and newer versions that return the root node correctly.

allow (and default to) not displaying the currently registered files

Fix misc uses of ad_parameter SystemURL rather that ad_url

move postgresql specific query into its own xql file Fixes bug 1041 patch 293

fix hrefs to point to ./ Fixes bug 1118 patch 292

Set SytemURL and NewRegistrationEmailAddress on install Fixes bug 1445 patch 291 (includes patch 228)

correct queries for both 7.1 and 7.2 also adds the table comment and a link to any referenced tables. patch 290 for bug 1580

created global post history pages

file index.adp was added on branch oacs-5-9 on 2016-11-10 15:07:34 +0000

moved bulk mail history to admin dir

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