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updating version numbers for 5.2.0 final

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    • +2562
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added support for offer item generation by categories

added procs to get employee data and party salutation

dropped unique constraint on organization-name

New version 0.15 from xowiki

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    • +3
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    • +26
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New Version 0.28

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New Version 0.28

Added side effect to make a closed Unit of Study go live with the latest revision. Also added some localisations.

Added active start and enddate. Only show classes where the active end date is not in the past (after all you would not join a class from the past).

I18N of toolbar

new i18n

bugfix: typo

Implemented workflow states for editing a unit of study.

use seperate table for application data links

file upgrade-5.2.0b9-5.2.0b10.sql was initially added on branch oacs-5-2.

added new seperate table for application_data_links

changed to use new data-link table

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file upgrade-5.2.0d3-5.2.0d4.sql was initially added on branch oacs-5-2.

Specify boolean as function parameter for security_inherit_p so we use the correct version of the content_folder__new function.

Add swiss german to the ad_locales

File to create a dotlrn-club for a contact

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    • +21
Support for parametrized view of comments

Support searching contacts if contacts is installed

New I18N strings.

added more information for invoice/offer generation

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    • +29
Upgrading language key versions

changed to use contact::url

Minor code style change

updated strings