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Create 'ad_include_contract' for forums portlet

added print-answers to the externally callable methods

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fix documentation (fix for #3345)

Retract package parameter configuration, as chat is not a singleton package... not clear if we will want a global paremeter for this in the future

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prefer dict over tcl arrays: cleanup of leftovers

Pass name of form down to form::get_attributes

add missing version dependencies for antonio's recent changes concering user info API

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make indentation regular

Use more api

Exploit cached api to simplify and remove queries. Note that user attributes this page manipulates won't come from the cache to avoid nasty side effects. Reduce divergency between oracle and postgres codebase

Exploit cached api

Use api to avoid join

As username variable is not used, don't rely on side effects to check for user existance. Indentation changes.

Employ new user cache also for portrait information

Reduce divergencies between oracle and postgres codebase... this file was for some reason deleted in 2001, but sql in it is portable

Use more API

Note that now we assume email and user_id will be from parties that actually belong to the system

Remove (again) this almost 20 years old program

Use more api

Make clearer what is going on here (a lot, apparently)

Remove unused query and put last remaining inline to avoid xql file. Reduce joining

Don't pass fine tcl variables through the database for random reasons, improve code legibility, reduce divergency between oracle and postgres codebase, exploit multi-user permission checking on postgres

Beautify code, remove unneded variables and queries

Reduce joining

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Don't cache invalid user ids, as they might become valid shortly after (e.g. during registration)

flag current request as being performed via aa_testing

Fix missing close bracket

use form_name in url

Remove unneded xql

Use more API when retrieving user info and portrait, streamline queries, put all sql inline