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fix acs-lang messages, commit fixes c/o Luis from Innova, upgrade swfupload to 2.2.01, fix issue with multiple file uploads not working after the first upload, remove restriction on linux and macs, multi upload now needs flash 10

- distinguish between ltree availability and ltree usage for page_order

HTML cleanup

HTML cleanup

add missing keys and ES translation

Remove extra tag

Fix typo

Answer of type "text" (long text -> clob_answer) were not displayed. Fix query and list template to make them show up.

Remove extra log messages

Add optional args in call to finish-callback

Add optional args to call to finish-callback

remove non existent CSS decl

Add user_id and session_id optional args to the "on_finish" callback

Fix value of image width and localize

Don't force login if it has expired

localize max/min portlet option

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Localize max/min portlet

Fix redirect url

HTML cleanup

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Added a "nohtml" switch to ad_registration_finite_state_machine_admin_links so links can be retrieved as a list of {url label} instead of HTML links.

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HTML cleanup

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Replace display_template with link_url_col in the list def

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Link to the dotlrn community only if the user is member or swa

HTML cleanup

HTML cleanup

Fix index query, and commit some apm changes that.

upgrade extjs to version 2.2.1

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- fix abstract_page form fields with empty value

- improve drag&drop for toc

commit ajax-photoalbum-ui package to HEAD

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