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use the extra_header callback instead of the ajaxhelper include, commit ajax listbuilder

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Initial revision

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Initial import

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Initial revision

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updating to adp/tcl templating

upating templating for edit.tcl/adp

updating templating for add-3.adp/tcl

updating templating for add-2.tcl/adp pair

fix array ref

updating templating for add.tcl/add.adp

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updated templating

updating templating

updating context to link back to category hierarchy

replacing start with start_row, because start is an oracle keyword that can be problematic in the queries, also minor display fixes

updating subcategory links

updating ecds_abbreviate to be more flexible

more files moved to /lib, so removing from here

removing files which have been functionally moved to lib or become orphaned

adding default feature

adding subcategory display utility

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updating templating, following more in the spirit of forums

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fix typo

cleaning templating logic

pagination fixed

trying to make index.tcl sane, but pagination is not working quite yet..

updating query to match tcl

add no quote

add no quotes

updating query, adding get_regular_product_count