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AjaxFs comes out of beta, adds support for viewing, uploading and deleting revisions, support sharing of folders via symlink feature, tooltips on file panel

updating catalog files

simplifying encoding procs

adding requireStyle to page stuff

make encoding more robust over different capitalizations of encoding names

- fix old method names

- take care of dangerous locale settings

Add rss_file_url parmameter to allow admin to advertise alternative RSS

url. Useful for feed services such as feedburner.

fix bug when adding url to refresh file panel after successfull add, validate url, show number of subfolders/items inside a folder when deleting from treepanel, disable properties for urls

HTML Strict cleanup. Refactor to use listtemplate. Added a lib for search box

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HTML Strict cleanup

HTML Strict cleanup

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HTML Strict cleanup

HTML Strict cleanup

make date convertion for podcast more robust against local environment variable settings

Fix titles

Get rid of the get_page_header_stuff kludge. Add a proc to set the portal page CSS for the current layout (using template::head API), to be called from layout templates

Remove templating head stuff since it's in blank-master now

Move templating, devsup and translating stuff to blank-master. Fix footerrendering

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- support for image-url in news-item

- list news-item and annoucement-talk in news page

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fix glitches in the earlier commit

handle encodings in content type

fix a file upload bug where the zip file contains spaces

Removed the MMEncodeBin parameter, which is no longer used.

allow cases where file storage is readable by the public, add better error handling for failed file/folder move, fix checks on create_url and share_folder features, fix bug in file delete caused by missing param variable

Move devsup toolbar to blank-master

Replace header_stuff property with calls to template::head

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Replace header_stuff property with calls to template::head

Move dotlrn_toolbar to theme-zen (out of site-master)

Replace call to new-portal kludge to get portlets CSS by calls to template::head in portlet packages

theme-zen now uses blank-master instead of blank-compat. Replaced header_stuff with calls to template::head where necessary to make it possible (except new-portal that needs to be done -portal layouts-)

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