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use consistently bind variables

improve spelling

improve spelling

port all former tclwebtest test cases to acs::test and do some more detailed testing

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acs-automated testing:

- provide the ability to add detail urls to messages

- new convenince methods



Fix spelling

Improve the list of common typos for the 'documentation__check_typos' test case, including some from Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Lists_of_common_misspellings/For_machines

Remove apparent leftover + trailing whitespace

Add new test case 'files__page_contracts', which checks for the existance of both 'ad_page_contract' and 'ad_include_contract' in the .tcl files inside 'www' and 'lib' package directories.

There are cases, where includelets are not stored in 'lib' but 'www', or have 'ad_page_contract' instead of 'ad_include_contract'. Checking if the location of includelets is correct is not so clear, so we avoid doing this in this particular test.

add tested API calls to testcases

modernize Tcl

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display testd URLs on testcases for web tests

rework test case documentation__check_typos

- make test case more robust (don't abort tests when there is a proc_doc without a "main" section

- improve performance and sanity:

* move invariantes out of the loop

* use built-in hashes

* don't check the same term multiple times

... times went from >15 sec to <1sec

remove useless semicolon

Streamline proc

Trim whitespace

- modularize web tests based on acs::test

- add new web tests for viewing and editing forums

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- move new testing function "visualize_control_chars" to the namespace ::acs::test

- new testing functions

acs::test::get_form and


to get collected form info with more ease in test cases

- bump version info to 5.10.0d7

Add new test case 'files__trailing_whitespace', which looks for trailing whitespace (spaces or tabs at the end of lines).

Currently, only .tcl files are checked.

Fix Test Name

Add test for the news aggregator and feed-parser

news-aggregator will reuse basic test from the feed parser

Fix subscription form error (left behind from previous commit)

no reason for casting values to integer

Use 'expr' for variable incrementing when the value is a double, as incr does not do it natively (thanks to Antonio for the pointer).

Trim whitespace

incr would return a decimal number, but test wants an integer to be returned. Restore expr and make clear that we want an integer out of it

Streamline util_sets_equal_p (passes automated test)

Add more information about typos loaded and checks passed

Fix typo + Whitespace changes

Test refactoring