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- Add a new api function for visualizing backslashes and crlf

conventions aa_test::visualize_control_chars

- Add a new API function for running requests against the current

server: aa_http

- Bump version number to 5.10.0d2

bump version number to 5.10.0d6

whitespace cleanup

add experimental support for regression testing

- whitespace cleanup

Perform line folding: According to RFC 5545

Reduce verbosity at runtime

- provide test case for html-to-text conversion

- provide a version of html-to-text based on ns_reflow_text

prefer XOTcl 2 idioms

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Improve wordnig and spelling

- add new tree renders bootstrap3 and bootstrap3-folders based on


- use PreferredCSSToolkit to choose tree renderer

(removes uncoditional use of YUI2)

- bump version number to 5.10.0d7

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- add URNs for jquery, bootstrap, get-http-object, xowiki.css and yui2

- fix return-string from popular-tags and improve stylability in includelet

- remove obsolete "header_stuff" from templates

- replace global parameters BootstrapCSS and BootstrapJS in favor of URNs

- bump version number to 5.10.0d6

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Extend API to allow registration for URNs.

URNs provide an abstraction and a single place for e.g updating

references to external resources when switching between a CDN and a

local resource, or when a resource should be updated. Instead of

adding e.g. a CDN url via tempate::head::add_script, one can add an

URN and control its content from a single place.


template::register_urn \

-urn urn:ad:js:jquery \

-resource /resources/xowiki/jquery/jquery.min.js

- use ::richtext::ckeditor4::add_editor instead of own management

- make use of nsf variable resolver

- require actual version of richtext-ckeditor4

- bump version number to 5.10.0d5

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- bump version number to 0.16

- extend add_editor with "-adapters" and "-order" to improve re-usability for other applications

- bump version number of ckeditor 4 to 4.8.0

Add missing "return filter_return" for UNAUTHORIZED requests (may thank to markus moser for noticing)

Provide developer with the option to declare compound resources (CSS

or JavaScript) to optimize performance or to provide customized

themes. New public function:

template::head::includes -container .. -parts ...

if an included resource is encountered during rendering of the page,

it is ignored. The compound resource management is aligned resource

flushing (when a compound resource is flushed, it stop shadowing

potentially other resources. An additional option could be to

add an "-parts" flag to add_link/add_script.

added simple regression test for basic functionality

*** empty log message ***

fix for bug #808: language list always sorted by english names

allow doc-strings starting with leading colons; fixes issue #3337

fix invalid meta-data and documentation strings

fix invalid meta-data

Fix invalid meta-data

Fix incorrect meta-data

make sure to log errors in the error.log

scalability improvement: keep result of lc_time_fmt_compile in (lock-free) per-thread cache rather than in the util_memoize cache

New functions for improved theming

template::head::flush_link -href ... -rel ...

template::head::flush_script -src

These functions are the inverse functions of template::head::add_link

and template::head::add_script. These functions are required in

situations where e.g. different subsites with different themes have

different requirements for a style file provide by some application


simplify initialization logic and issue login cookie only, when account_status is ok

fix passing of variables to error message

prefer dict over anonymous array

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