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- move folder layout logic to adp files

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use lassign instead of lset

make sure to configure the channel to nonblocking before we close. A close to a blocking channel can block and can therefore block all spools and therefore potentially the full server.

Background: Tcl's fcopy sets a channel to non-blocking. In earlier Tcl versions, the channel was left in the non-blocking state, also after fcopy terminates (e.g. in error cases).

Newer Tcl versions seem to reestablish the earlier state, so we have to care now for the problem in bgdelivery.

increase reported time resolution by one digit for todays faster machines

Updated to Xinha nighly (Dec 3, 2012) due to reported problems with IE9

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removed duplicate files that caused troubles under Mac OS X. For some reason, serveral files existed with uppercase and lowercase names, where the latter was a previous converntion in Xinha. cvs on Mac OS X reported "cvs update: move away ...; it is in the way" even on new checkouts

Getting right template-caches manipulation depending on wether we run on NaviServer or AOLServer.

lassign instead of lset was meant here.

deleted too much

define templating caches

The original code had at least two OpenACS caused memory leaks: it led

to an unbounded growth for __template_cache_value and did not unset

the nsv variables __template_*_timeout. This bug led openacs.org to a

broken state (forums posting lead to the message "Not enough memory to

allocate the list internal rep"). The new code makes use of the per

entry expire feature of ns_cache and emulates the behavior otherwise.

don't change idioms without need

- fix variable name in validator (many thanks to Richard Hamilton)

remove extra colons

produce more efficient code from the adp-compiler (using byte compiled functions, using local vars)

make test for user_switching more robust

New package parameter MenuBarWithFolder to allow to deactivate the automatic display of the folders when the menubar is displayed

- use the proper delivery context for download operations in inherited file objects

- Support for cross package symlinks to folders containing folders

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Adding dotlrn-xowiki pkg as a module.

Removing unneeded --

Minor 18n improvements.

- use naviserver writer thread if configured

correct parentesis

- fix syntax of regex (many thanks to Stefan Sobernig)

Add version of the external files of the flowplayer to the repository to ease hunting for working versions

require at least Tcl 8.5.4 for this version (see as well TIP #143)

Avoid potential attacks via too many open files.

Background: Tcl uses still select() for event processing, which has a pretty much hardcoded limit of max 1024 files (one has to recompile Tcl, libc, and maybe the kernel). With bgdelivery it is possible to deliver more than 1000 files simultaneously, but Tcl panics, when the number of descriptors is too large. We experienced the problem in a sitation, where the 1000+ requests were produced from a incorrect browser behavior (e.g. iPad issues a series of range requests rapidly without closing the last requests); bgdelivery allows now just one spooling request for a file from a user at one time.

- define global variable ::xo::naviserver for quick test, whether we are running under NaviServer

- fix ns_ur[en|de]code of "--" and "-charset" etc. This fixes the behavior of NaviServer, which has a "--" option terminator

- close a few opportunities for cross-site scripting attacks (e.g. via error messages)

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