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- reset ::ad_conn(request) after "ad_conn -reset"

- user as internal value for disabled form fields boolean values rather than "disabled"

- fix bracketing and improve comment

- use same notification user_id for category-based notifications as in other cases

- add "show object" for site-wide admins to menu-bar

- use content of form-field html_title as HTML title of the document when rendering a FormPage

- improve comment

Modified the search callback to return the name of the page that the

content includelet resides upon rather than "Untitled", much in the spirit

of the code that returns the URL of the page rather than of the content

includelet itself.

- reset form-fields of type "file" in cases validation failed in the form

- added AsyncLogFile which is a client class for AsyncDiskWriter

- reduce latencies induced from the file system

- update dependencies, bumped version number to 0.43

- added async disk writer class

- bumped version number to 0.122

Fixes for oacs-5-7 compatibility

- fix timeout handling for blocking requests for recent linux systems

- reduce verbosity

Bug #3215. Plus changing fetching nextval of sequences.

Some time ago some plpgsql functions were changed in order to be compatible with pg 8.x, create scripts were modified but upgrade scripts were missing ( at least i couldn't find them) http://fisheye.openacs.org/changelog/OpenACS?cs=MAIN%3Ajeffd%3A20090210183154 . Bumping up package versions accordingly.

- reduce dependencies on nsf internals

nsf::object::dispatch has been renamed to nsf::dispatch

- use package_path in formfield of type form_page

- fix typo in comment

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- fix typp (many thanks to michael totschnig gor pointing this out)

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Fixed ""-must-be-null problem for results returned from the database. I

added a utility in json-procs.tcl to help with this, but since I also needed

to convert PG intervals to the "PT01H02M03.5S" format used by the SCORM RTE

in actuality it's fixed in the scorm player package. But the JSON proc may

be useful for someone else so I left it in ...

Added daveb's fix

adding functionality for publishing units

adding message key for Units Publication

fixing broken site_node::conn_url see: http://openacs.org/forums/message-view?message_id=3653550

- use new flag "-export_vars" for package initialize to prevent interaction with query-vars

- bump version number and update dependencies

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- bump version number to 0.121

- add flag "-export_vars" to PackageMgr.initialize to avoid conditionally exporting of variables

- updated cr_thin_out; make it more configurable