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- improvements for CSS files for IE

- makeing progress bar 100%width, move top_includelets down

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Release of version 1.8: improvements in export, HTML generation and edition fetures.

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- fix case where more then the maximimum listed number of users are active in an xowiki instance with the presence includelet (many thanks to Hector Amado)

Missplaced space in expression was generating wrong query string for tsearch2 tsquery

in some cases. f(g) for example.

- protect against "-" in the text argument (otherwise errors due to non-positional agument parser)

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Generation of HTML files for the doc

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Remove the oacslink and oacsimage buttons from the default config of the openacs theme.

Removed plugins from the default config of tinymce since they need acs-templating to be mounted and it's not by default. Rolling back to be xinha the default editor.

Allow adding a link without selecting text first.

Bumped version number and release date in anticipation of releasing beta1

after tomorrow's OCT meeting.

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It's easier to use lang::util::localize instead of lang::message::lookup to render the messages in the tcl

TinyMCE upgrade changelog moved to changelog.txt

file changelog.txt was initially added on branch oacs-5-5.

Added missing messages and spanish translation

file es.js was initially added on branch oacs-5-5.

Updated tinymce version number for 5.5.0 releases

Updated template::widget::richtext doc to include tinymce

Encode files URL properly (would fail if the filename had a plus sign, sharp one etc in it)

Untabify and indent

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HTML cleanup

Fix message keys, use vars like %var% instead of

Do the uppercase in the tcl to avoid wrong messages when the grade_plural_name is stored as a message-key

Render the grade_plural_name in the tcl when is stored as a message-key to display it properly

Close unbalanced html tags

Render the message-keys in the tcl to show them in the options of a select in the form

Latest tinymce

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Add per widget config for tinymce.

Xpath query is not being interpreted as it supposed to ( maybe it is a tdom bug ).

Xpath query is not being interpreted as it supposed to ( maybe it is a tdom bug ).

- includelet toc: change default of ajax switch false