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don't use numeric comparison operators on string comparisons

user curly brackets around expr to allow for bytecode compilation

provide compatibility for packages providing pretty_name and package_key

Fix users search URL

Merged 5.3 to HEAD

Merged 5.3 to HEAD

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provide pretty_name and package_key for ::s5::Package

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provide pretty_name and package_key for ::xowiki::Package

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new parameter management

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Added logging to syslog

fix naming of new folders, stop using ns_rand

add cluster stuff only, when clustering is enabled

use new cluster support

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make it easier to figure out, when some log messages come from

removed unneeded command

improve contrast for dates in chat messages

change error to a warning

bump version number to be able to depend on new features

Allow xowiki to be installed via install.xml without errors.

(Same change as in oacs-5-3 branch)

cluster support for cr-cache and chat

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minor cleanup (better contrast for date in chat via css, removed unneeded lines, changed "Error" into "Warning" for ad-generator"

Allow xowiki to be installed via install.xml without errors.

Problem was, that install.xml does not load init files, therefore

xotcl-core caches were not created, when xowiki-procs are sourced.

Consequence was that e.g. in xowiki/admin/index.tcl incorrect

entries were listed (which went away after the first reboot).

Handling of clobs (like in the version in the oacs-5-3 branch, but simpler

due to slot based code); bumping version numbers.

make sql query look more sane

reduce verbosity

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Handling of arbitrary attributes of type CLOB in the content repository.

Before this change, only the content were allowed be larger than about 12KB,

other CLOBS showed problems with larger sizes (e.g. instance_attributes).

Now all CLOBs are handled as well automatically outside the view

through separate statements.

work on clobs for content attributes

fix for bug #2812

Use the new interface for instance_select_queries provided by xotcl-core 0.71

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Produce better SQL queries for "instance_select_query". The new version allows to specify the base_table,

which is either cr_revisions (default) or the automatically generated view (such as e.g. xowiki_pagei).

This change allows to avoid joins of large tables, which might be in large installations slow

allthough all involved join conditions are indexed. The join with acs-objects is now as

well done only when needed (maybe we add an option for make this explicit later, when needed).