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provide means to set content-type from a page (direct return, without master)

some more cleanup

remove site specifics from prototype page

fix typo in label

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file cattree.css was added on branch oacs-5-3 on 2007-08-01 21:39:27 +0000

upgrade to 0.47, podcast support

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Support for package_id filtering

General template and navigation clean-up.

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Removed debugging stuff accidently committed recently.

Adding missing widget of points,field_code, max_time_to_complete

Item_type validate_block

Replace fieldset with H2

Fixing problems with the include in view week and view list.

removing from element list the view calendar, since is unnecessary because the view is the same as month.

Use feedback css and admin results view

Remove fieldset around section. Put in H2

rename bulk action var

Setting context var, just to avoid an error in the log

when finishing the course upload process.

Project Zen: removed element_index as a parameter. emma thought of an easier way to do this. undoing previous work.

Project Zen: using strings instead of counters for id and headers

Adding new keys

Pass total pages all the time

Fix results display

Need to show all sessions for revisions of this assessment

Remove debugging code

Handle course with no sections

The default perm list didn't include the top-level perm "delete" (which is

useful when this is called from file-storage, for instance!)

Fixed a bug in SimBuild that prevented adding other than user type actions.

Add Raul Morales and Alberto Pesquera as committers

Zen: localize orderby_html_title (list builder)

Added theme-zen