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Remove unnecessary code


- Use the author of the message as sender of the notif instead of the current user since this one may be the moderator.

- Localize notification

Refactored to use listtemplate. HTML cleanup.

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- Better handling of disabled form fields

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Provide upgrade script for bug 3103

Don't hard-code the encoding, rather retrieve it from the aolserver config.

- small polishing on debug messages

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Rolling back Jeff commit. Doesn't work well with template::multirow foreach when exporting catalogs

Added missing keys

Comparing the [ns_info version] against a.b.c is not possible. Instead

I use a combination of the version and the patchlevel to be sure that

we are running on aolserver 4.5.1; in order to know if the nscache module

should be loaded or not.

Loop over the array names instead of the list to resize portrait

Don't add empty element to the context multirow, that would output an empty LI

Return to where the user came from after password changed

Added support for other sizes than "thumbnail"

HTML cleanup

Added support for avatar size.

Fix to get object_id of the existing resized image

Added message to inform the user that her status has been changed

Title and context cleanup. Pass in the return_url so user is sent back to where she was after submitting.

Fix contexts and page titles.

Set the page title consistently

Improve the layout of the page + i18n of the page title

Added logic to send out the notification in the user language if set, fallback to system one, in case the notification content is i18n'd.

Added color and bg inheritance where necessary so user CSS and HC would render correctly.

fix typo and improve a message

Fix for search implementation

- make sure that form-fields array is always set before used

Fixing the role/user menu lists around the package.

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- include labels in forms a shidden fields

- transmit fields linke _name or _nls_langauge always from a form, even if it is set as disabled