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HTML Strict cleanup

HTML Strict cleanup

updated the headscript multirow with an order column to allow devs to have some control over which javascript src gets loaded first

Use DCC header instead of the BCC one in call to ::smtp::sendmessage

factor out create_new_snippet from resolver, since it can be used more often

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    • +16
Move complex_smtp to smtp. Mark ::sendmail and ::deliver_mail as deprecated

update blank-master, added missing order parameter in the body_scripts multirow, needed for template::head to work properly with javascript that is dependent on other javascript

don't show edit-new links for unresolved xowiki entries, when use is not allow to edit new files

provide fully qualified name for news entry types

provide more comments

- don't require item_id on get_instance_from_db

- add per default own acs-type as allowed content type in require_folder

Forgot to rename a column in my previous commit

Upgrade scripts and fix datamodel consistency

Join upgrade scripts into one with correct

version number.

Move complex stuff to separated scripts

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    • +47
Remove duplicated proc

Remove unused queries. Remove from generic xql queries that are different for each db and already in the appropriate xql

Ooops! forgot to add the after_upgrade callback in the info file

Ooops! forgot to add the after_upgrade callback in the info file

Remove sendmail procs to use smtp only. Remove SendmailBin parameter (not used anymore)

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    • +34
Replace send procs with a refactored version of complex_send, allowing cc, bcc and attachments

Update calls to utils procs adding the namespace

Move helper procs for sending email to acs-mail-lite

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    • +157
fix html quiting in title of news entries

Remove code to retrieve body event handlers from prepare_multirows (was unsetting body_handlers and that code is in get_body_handlers now)

fix quoting in subst

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improve validation results

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    • +2
    • -6
    • +12
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    • +1
remove debug output

Make template::get_body_event_handlers proc to process the data added

with template::add_body_handler

Bump version number for dotlrn packages

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