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Made install work for Oracle

Made package_exec_plsql work for Oracle procedures ...

Uncomment create script so it actually works!

Adding very basic documentation, but this package is still very basic itself.

Adding tsearch2 search engine driver. Needs work, but will actually index content.

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Added this now because it seemed invisible to others for some reason even

though it existed on the 5.1 branch in my local checkout.

Add optional revision parameter to content::init. Defaults to live revision.

fix for bug 1509- fixed this on dotlrn.org a few weeks ago

Minor change to 1.03-1.04b1 upgrade script, plus bump the version

number to 1.06 so that files missing in some builds of 1.05 are added in.

Added admin script that synchronizes the logger projects. Not

necessary for most new installations, but necessary if you had a bunch

of older projects that needed to be synchronized with logger. Also, a

few administrative pages were left out of the 1.05 release.

Fixes bug in project::open_p function when there is more than one row returned.

changed ServerPeerVerify to false on AlfredW's suggestion

added notes on how to rebuild repository automatically

add spaces around shell output in the pre so long lines still display, check that the script came from a POST before executing it.

Logger now sorts the Users filter by first name, last name, instead of

by user_id

If a project is closed, now shows that project as an option when editing tasks.

There was an extra acs_users_all assignee join in the first part of

the query which caused the set of returned rows to be the cartesian

product of the bugs X keywords X users on system = very very slow

for anything more than a trivial number of users.

It still returns bugs x keywords rows which is not great but seems tolerable.

Fix bug where = was used for assignment instead of comparison.

Fixes bug when creating new task from project-manager.

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Update to project-manager 1.05 version.

Improves integration with logger (Added parameters for logger

integration, added in admin UI pages for logger integration, add link

to logger in navbar, add in proc to get logger url)

Renamed the pm::task::dependency_options proc pm::task::options_list

(I won't change public procs in the future, promise! Next time I'll

deprecate them and so on..)

Moved some code from add-edit pages to procs.

Added ad_returnredirect messages after most form pages.

Allow you to edit logger variables when editing projects.

Took out most code from log.tcl, log.adp, etc pages (moved to logger)

Added parameter to hide subprojects

Improves appearance of admin pages.

Added a dependency on kernel 5.1, and newer logger and organizations.

Italicize the current location in the navbar

Fixed the function in project-manager-functions-create that creates

the root folder for project manager. Upgrade script included. This

allows new installs to create projects!

Added in pages that show the differences between versions of tasks and

projects. Uses a word_diff to give you a nice looking difference

between versions.

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Fix use of boolean type in entry::edit proc.

Added in ability to log against project-manager projects and tasks.

Untabify: entries-postgresql.xql (sorry won't do it again!)

Fixed scalability issue with one one function call per project being

shown. Added in a dependency on new categories proc, which has a new

proc that greatly speed up display of logger entries.

Italicize the current location in the navbar

Added in links to project-manager in the navbar, when project-manager

is integrated with that instance of logger.

optimized the variable::get_default_variable_id proc for postgres (much faster)

sped up the select_users query by using persons instead of cc_users

sped up entries select query by using persons instead of cc_users

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Commit changes original made on the oacs-5-1 branch: adds a proc,

get_mapped_trees_from_object_list, which is much more efficient than

making many calls to get_mapped_trees. Once again, I'm reminded of the

importance of not untabifying files.

Partial i18n of news-aggregator

Returns the number of item parsed

More accurate item counting

Pretty printing

Changed presentation

Added assessment and section definition parse checks

Removed debug traces