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1. Added some more Tcl API to notifications

2. Fixed lang-catalog-procs.tcl (tested) and acs-bootstrap-installer (not tested

yet) to work with tDOM.

Adding package curriculum-portlet.

Adding package dotlrn-curriculum.

Initial revision

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  1. … 5 more files in changeset.
fixing lame = 0 instead of is null bug in register_parameter proc that would cause default values of new parameters to not be propagated to package instances during package upgrade

fix in updating of parameters, was deleting the old parameter instead of the new one

adding missing parameter update to upgrade script

Bumped version number.

adding dotlrn-weblogger package

adding dotlrn-news-aggregator package

Initial revision

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Change timestamp plpgsql parameters to timestamptz for 7.3.x compatability.

Upgrade file relaods plpgsql file. Bump version number to 4.6 so upgrade file

will work.

- fixed timestamp operations for pg 7.3

Fixed the description truncation and 'more' link stuff.\nEnabled people w/o 'write' privilege to view curriculum and element forms in display mode.\Removed 'refresh' link in the form page.

Modified template files to use the new content repository datamodel.

file one.xql was added on branch oacs-5-1 on 2005-05-02 08:15:49 +0000

Changed page name from one to view-project

New datamodel incorporating Content Repository.

updated info file

modified add_edit template

I didn't really change all these files but (sigh) was working with a

copy of a checkout ... should've soft linked instead. I did change a

fairly large number of files which is why I'm letting this large

commit go through rather than figure out which.

I removed default-dotlrn-master.* because dotlrn-master.* is the one we

use. I removed explicit references to dotlrn-master in templates because

someone should be able to use a private copy of dotlrn-master with a

different name if they wish. I fixed a few noquote issues (by no means all)

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Made some links, like 'Refresh', etc., work properly from the portlet by providing a return url.

Removed dummy curriculums that was created after instantiation.

Fixed syntax error in query ...

Staffan fifed the vertical version of the bar.\nAdded target='_top' to info links.\nMade the return_url work by calling ad_return_url.

src in include pointed to the wrong template.

Added news-aggregator

finished upgrade scripts, not tested yet

file upgrade-0.8.5-0.9.sql was initially added on branch oacs-4-6.

Added 'curriculum' to the list of modules. Removed redundant line in avail (one line with 'olah' covers all subdirs).