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Fixed #1328 "Should not require login to view a calendar"

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Added ListView_DefaultPeriodDays parameter

Added contributors.

Added link to test-cases.html

Added test-cases.html - basically the specs/requirements for automated tests

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Removed, because they are superseded by showing a list of radio-buttoned calendars on cal-item-new

adding auto-login page

adding auto-login page

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adds a link_attributes flag to general_comments_create_link bug 1418 patch 421 Gabriel Burca

adding yellow coloring of error count if it's not available. Adding cue that you need to be logged in to access admin password of remote server

Correcting the comments at top.


file upgrade-feb-20-2004.sql was initially added on branch dotlrn-2-0.

Fixed a few postgres queries.

Packagized the privacy code.

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file privacy-package-create.sql was initially added on branch dotlrn-2-0.

added chapter numbering to make it clearer that the shortcuts aren't

the full TOC

rearranged a few chapters; made better shortcut links on index.adp

  1. … 88 more files in changeset.
link to both the remote server and the control page

make gui changes

bugfix: using new category api for ad_form

Don't drop the period_days parameter as long as you are only surfing on a view-list page.

Added a parameter to set the default for period_days

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removing the server Logs section. Making the admin login link less ambitious. You now have to provide password manually

adding the server_description parameter. Moving the report_scp_target parameter

adding server_description to the xml report

adding the IsInstallReportServer parameter. Moving the scripts that lived at www/admin/install to live directly under www

bug fix for locale

added extra default value for locale in case acs-lang manages not to

come up with any answer at all for what locale we're in, which sadly

is the modal case, and then causes an error which should already be

prevented by the catch statement that doesn't do what I thought it

would do.

adding XMLReportDir parameter. Adding description to the server page and cleaning up the page a little.

Added start_date_before_end_date message key

adding new parameter XMLReportDir