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Fix unterminated XML tags for required

Templating stuff was moved to core recently (by me), in 5.6.0d1, so I've

removed it from this package and made it dependent on the proper version of

acs-templating. I've tagged the previous version of the package as being


- take care, when cache entry are already gone

- report entry size

- make ad_proc instantiate_page_from_id more intelligence (let package decide, what kind of init is needed)

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    • +30
more quoting..

starting higher level UI + adding user input quoting by default etc.

- make show-object more independent on openacs versions

- bump version to 0.136 and update dependency

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    • +4
- switch from -volatile to method destroy_on_cleanup for more version robustness

- allow to provide tailored title from search_render method

- provide an explicit invocation of method "initialize" in instantiate_page_from_id (used from service contracts)

    • -1
    • +2
- bump version number to 0.118

- provide destroy_on_cleanup for nx objects as well

- make show-object links able to navigate

- make test for overwritten tcl 8.5 command apply namespace independent

- add show-object method to show current object via api-browser

adding qf_input qf_insert_html, not tested

fix multirow variables

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- remove unneeded colon

more revisions, untested

adding more code.. still incomplete

- create slots via ::xotcl::MetaSlot

- create slots via ::xotcl::MetaSlot

- renamed protype pages according to form naming conventions

- use usual parameter notation

- cleanup of redundant definitions

If the comment has a file attached, the comment content was being displayed

using the attachement's mime type. Well, the script tried to, typically

it would cause the script to bomb.

adding thick/thin template

minor css tweaks

centralize navbar css in bug-tracker.css

PG 9.0 support. Avoiding using acs_object_id_seq view for fetchting next value for the t_acs_object_id_seq sequence.