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Add message that displays WebDAV accessible URL to folder view.

Automount oacs-dav at webdav-support so we can administer the webdav

availability of folders.

Add requires oacs-dav package. Add call to dav-enable root folders when

they are created.

Add tDAV tcl library to oacs-dav package. Add tDAV configuration to sample

config file.

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Initial import of oacs-dav package to the correct location

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Initial revision

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adding xml report from test results and saving the file in the file system. Using the xml file on the install pages

added help text; exclusion categories

Added documentation for acs-mail-lite.

Clean identation in new()

The case seems to be wrong. Changed. Hopefully it will not break things somewhere else.

Added the possibility to view deleted messages as well. No way to undelete them though (at the moment). Use psql ...

Changed the fragile foreach to util_unlist

More rendering cleanup

Use new category-form-helper-procs

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Problem with missing messages fixed.

Fixed Bug #1481

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Fix for bug 1376

Pass on header_stuff

Nicer 'no users online' message

Cleaned up CSS with Jeff, moved context bar to site-master for easier customization

Cleaned up site-master css with Jeff

Added list-builder Javascript to core.js

Added package awareness.

Adding listing of procs tested. Making quiet mode show only counts of test results. Indenting tcl file

Fixed the truly lame but no longer broken portal edit page.

Added an explanation for the PostgreSQL upgrade, that you need to set up

PostgreSQL to listen on a different port.

Set viewing_user_id so queries will work.

Added the last bit of .tcl internationalization.

Added new capabilities to aa_register_case including bugs, error_levels and new categories.