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Add optional root_url to bcms widget procs to support correct URLs

that are not directly under a mounted package_id.

Add bcms::template::register_template procedure to support assigning

templates per content_type or per item.

Removing --verbose and getting rid of two repolinks-related lines

Change optional creation_user_id parameter to creation_user.

Return item_id in bcms::revision::list_revisions.

Change optional creation_user_id parameter to creation_user.

Change optional creation_user_id parameter to creation_user.

Change format of date returned from query to use lc_time_fmt in bcms::items::list_items

Using the @cvs-id $Id$ trick to prevent keyword expansion.

Fixxed a typo

Using the @cvs-id $Id$ trick to prevent expansion.

A slightly more useful From: email address

Adding optional cascade parameter to bcms::folder::delete_folder to

delete all children. Default is false. Add

bcms::folder::content_types_select to generate a list of lists of

options for valid content types for a folder.

Missing 'distinct' when prepopulating project lead drop-down with current project leads

bugfix: got orderby to work with -filters

Adding the --verbose switch.

A trivial change just to try the cvs diffs. Sorry for the spam.

(I'm sorry for the spam but the only proper way to make changes in CVSROOT

is to commit every change.)

It looks like it doesn't work with Python 1.5 Trying with Python 2.3.3.

Becoming compliant with Timo's switch rename

Adding the cvs diff thing to loginfo for real

Adding the diff scripts

Initial checkin of files for sending out fancy cvs diffs. These will be

inactive until I test them.

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added mailhost param, commented out

made utf-8 the default charset for everything

added tagalog bug fix and Croatian locale

making the message-list page show deleted messages

Give Andrew Grummet commit across openacs, give Branimir commit on CVSROOT (to fix email notifications)

incremented version number

Add missing "then" to content_folder__copy. Already fixed in upgrade script.

Templated context bar

Use templated context bar

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Added new ad_context_bar_multirow, which gets the context bar as a multirow, so we can render it using the templating system rather than Tcl

Marking procs public/private