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More noquote

Added new messages for updated UI.

Noquote fixes.

fix links in some design docs to the api-doc (acs-kernel tcl code was moved to acs-tcl, some time in the last millenium)

drop lang_messages_audit and lang_messages_keys bug 1291

typo -proc instead of -public, bug 1295

make some more things into userinput and replaceable, break a few long lines.

fix indents on recovery.xml, mention installs on 9i, mention does not on pg7.2, fix userinput on some recovery instructions, fix tar flags for extract (was xzv rather than xzf)

add -public and -private for some procs, minor bug in acs_object::get some @see notes

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Assign tasks to props

  1. … 9 more files in changeset.
regen docs post promptulation

  1. … 57 more files in changeset.
made the simulation-casting-2 page work. Merged simulation::template::instantiate_edit with the edit proc.

remove textobjects from a two images since the description is not useful and its annoying to have to cvs add the files all the time

make the user:dir$ prompts match the canonical form

take server name out of the prompts

formatting fixes; updated release notes slightly

making the simulation-casting page work (first page in casting process that checks ready_p). Adding proc simulation::template::ready_for_casting_p. Refactoring proc simulation::template::edit to do dynamic sql.

added explanation of prompt

removed navbar context checking

*** empty log message ***

fix entity namespace default

Bug fix in workflow::state::fsm::generate_states_spec proc. The states_list list variable wasn't initialized

Added documentation for AOLserver4

file aolserver4.xml was initially added on branch oacs-5-0.

Index.vuh for WebDAV support. I might have to revisit this and combine the

view/index.vuh with this one.

Upgrade to clean up datamodel

The rest of the UI changes

User interface work, ad_form and listbuilder support added.

Ad_form version of file-add

adjusted more urls

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