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Maximize/minimize portlets now work in community pages other than page 0

a *P parameter shoudl be a number

Added FileLocationRelativeP paramater in the .info file. If set to 0 it says that the location of the CRFileLocationRoot is not relative to acs_root_dir

Fix for multiple xinhas on one page.

Support for relative file locations which might even reside on a windows drive and therefore start with d:\

Fixed problem with contacts package if more than one is installed

Fixed link with view package

Fix call to item::get

New versionnumber

Added recording of a tcl webtest test written by enrique at quest

Minor bugfix to make sure that the parameter is found even when upgrading the packages

Fixed a couple of issues with date and spellchecking as they were fixed by Quest

Added support for custom error templates. Added negative float procedure from Brian Fenton (Quest)

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Made sure you can use a different home template

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Fixing minor bugs with regards to parameters and started to split up the code a little bit more to make it readable

Fixing Oracle

Added capability to define the widget upon mapping a category tree, effectively allowing single and multiple choice

Added nsstats access statistics and put them into a nicer OpenACS interface

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Made sure that we are redirecting for thumbnails so we can cache them on the proxy server

file xowiki-portlet-admin-drop.sql was initially added on branch HEAD.

file xowiki-portlet-portlet.sql was initially added on branch HEAD.

file xowiki-portlet-drop.sql was initially added on branch HEAD.

file xowiki-portlet-admin.sql was initially added on branch HEAD.

file dotlrn-xowiki-create.sql was initially added on branch HEAD.

file dotlrn-xowiki-drop.sql was initially added on branch HEAD.

Commented out michele's weird menu collapse/expand code

Show membership requests only if the policy is needs approval or there are users waiting for approval

Show actions and membership requests only to admin.

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Bug#3108 Set a default page title, but warn in the error log.

Bug#3107 Document use of tmp_filename. The caller needs to clean up

the tmp file. The content repository does not "know" what the proper

procedure is to handle the file.