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adding replies

fixing mis-named query in revert code

fix typo

moved the note to modify file-storage-init

adding space before checked

created a rename_folder method.


optimized tree trigger a little bit

adding empty results text

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fixing parameter::get calls in default master; providing reasonable default to dotlrn_community::get_package_id

new is done differently

removing some useless pre tags

was out of sync with postgres version, was missing timestamp type

removed unused columns; you can just drop them and recreate any dependent views

added some indexes and fixed some typos

fixed more typos

fixing typos

updated tree

adding some oracle data model scripts

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adding reply processing

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fixed call to site_node::get

some postgres porting

fixed minor typo in text and html

fixed bug 1507: 'required' switch reporting - patch 244 by CR Oldham

postgres tree_sortkey trigger finally working

fixed new_p

now the notifications sweep queries work in postgres too

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some more porting of stuff

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fixed couple ad_proc docstrings so they show up properly in api-browser