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update to xowiki 0.33: direct inclusion of xowiki pages via {{en:mypage}}, simpler default pages (see xowiki/www/default-pages), obsolete files removed, fixed bug when a new xowiki instance is created

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upgrade to xowiki 0.28. tag support; improved weblog support; some cleanup in portlets files

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adding admin link to ease navigation to categories

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allow specification of an alternative view.adp file via directory object (e.g. set template_file "oacs-view")

provide more detailed means to configure xinha (simplified toolbar, configured plugins, ...); allow per directory and per page configuration of xinha; provide mc example from documentation.

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upgrade to version 0.27. alignment with xotcl-core 0.38 (use cr_item.name instead of cr_revisions.title), change page_title to title (potential incompatibility) to rely more strictly to the CR data model (most files are effected).

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added user-tracking (includeletes for last-visited and most popular pages of an xowiki instance) plus a package parameter to turn user_tracking off.

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due to popular request, added delete button to the menu of wiki commands on the view page

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wiki-parser more robust, adp-include can span multiple lines, fixed bug #2859

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add means to provide a different skin for cotegory includelet, fix caching when editing the folder object again.

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improved category display (faster, much less SQL queries, tree-style and plain style, opening tree automatically for a specified page), improved and unified CSS and JS handling (requireCSS and requireJS)

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support for replacing the standard view.adp template per package via folder objects.

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fixing some minor bugs, preliminary support for differnt widget types for substitution vars in page templates

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upgrading to 0.22, fixing permission handling, added link to admin page, unitfied pretty_url handling, tested with oacs 5.1, more robust upgrade handling

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adding includelets for viewing recent updates of xowikipages as listing and by categories.

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upgrade to 0.21; providing two new attributes "page_title" and "creator" for all kind of xowiki pages.

The page_titles are used instead of page names (with the language prefix) where ever appropriate (e.g.

in category listing)

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ajax based chat, client and server, as xowiki page, tested on firefox and safari

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upgrade to 0.18, support for text/enhanced, nicer links for pages, import and export of pages (export file can be used for import; use this e.g. for transfer pages to a different package instance or to a different oacs installation)

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upgrade to version 0.16, using xotcl templating, improved compatibility with oacs 5.1

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New version 0.15 from xowiki

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Initial import of xowiki

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