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xowiki 0.34. most notable change: notifications; various bug fixes

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require admin (not only write) permissions to delete objects. old policy was: who is allowed to create a page is also allowed to delete it. fix for bug #2943

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fix for index generation and handling of not-logged-in users

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upgrade to xowiki 0.28. tag support; improved weblog support; some cleanup in portlets files

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adding admin link to ease navigation to categories

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better placement of the wiki command bar, different placement under dotlrn or plain oacs

template::adp_include does not reset the adp_level to the previous one. so, in case of nested adp_includes, the adp_level is incorrect leading to strange errors. i fixed this only for xowiki.

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upgrade to version 0.27. alignment with xotcl-core 0.38 (use cr_item.name instead of cr_revisions.title), change page_title to title (potential incompatibility) to rely more strictly to the CR data model (most files are effected).

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Upgrade 0.26, escaping of ">>", "[[", "{{" and "@"an be done now with a single backslash, weblog support (see documentation)

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version 0.25, significantly improved RSS support, some bug-fixes

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new release (0,24) of xowiki, support for link types, sample glossary link types with ajax based popup to display glossary items. Popup is based on the overlib package with an artistic license.

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due to popular request, added delete button to the menu of wiki commands on the view page

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improved category display (faster, much less SQL queries, tree-style and plain style, opening tree automatically for a specified page), improved and unified CSS and JS handling (requireCSS and requireJS)

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adjusting display of wiki-cmds due to selva changes, some more caching

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upgrading to 0.22, fixing permission handling, added link to admin page, unitfied pretty_url handling, tested with oacs 5.1, more robust upgrade handling

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upgrade to 0.21; providing two new attributes "page_title" and "creator" for all kind of xowiki pages.

The page_titles are used instead of page names (with the language prefix) where ever appropriate (e.g.

in category listing)

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major improvement on xowikis ajax based chat; most mentioned shortcomings removed, IE support

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ajax based chat, client and server, as xowiki page, tested on firefox and safari

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upgrade to version 0.20, support for arbitrary objects, definig index page, better rss support. For details, see the last three sections of the documentation page http://media.wu-wien.ac.at/download/xowiki-doc/index.html

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fixing a bug for page templates with nested adp pages

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remove view icon from index page

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upgrade to 0.18, support for text/enhanced, nicer links for pages, import and export of pages (export file can be used for import; use this e.g. for transfer pages to a different package instance or to a different oacs installation)

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Initial import of xowiki

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