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added range checking for page_size and page_number for weblog-portlet

modernized weblog-portlet code

moved weblog-portlet to the right place

bumped version number to 5.10.1d1

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- fix quoting in weblog

- fix entries per page on weblog-portlet (was including all entries

instead of page-size entries)

- define "get_nls_language_from_lang" on xowiki::Package to fix

default language issue for imported prototype pages (when default

lang is not "en")

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- improve safety of prototype pages

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Merging back to HEAD branch oacs-5-8 (using tag vg-merge-oacs-5-8-from-20141027).

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- reduce verbosity

- reduce verbosity

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- remove hard-coded CSS clear

- minor html optimization

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Restoring xowiki code to yesterdays state. Hopefully getting rid of today's unwanted commits.

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revert previous change

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- reduce verbosity

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- new method Package->item_ref_from_url

- renamed "item_id_ref" to "item_ref_from_id"

- search in html-included content (between curly brackets) in

prototype pages, along the package path and in site-wide pages

- improved documentation

- fixed regression test

- updated dependencies

- bump version number to 0.133

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- major editing work: streamline generation of urls and resolving of name relative to parent_ids

- new method Page.pretty_url and Page.detail_link

- removed ::xowiki::Includelet.detail_link

- provided updated prototype pages to use the new interface

- bumped version number to 0.130

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- make categories includelet not throw an error, when no categories are found

- allow for the attribute 'entries_of' of class ::xowiki::Weblog

names of XOTcl Classes to be specified. If specified, only

instances of the specified classes are shown in the weblog.

- simpler handling of nasty characters in weblog-portlet.page

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- let form-usages to interface with categories includelet

- weblog-portlet.page: avoid substitutions, where the included page turned it off

- weblog.page: use {{categories ...}} instead of old style {{categories-portlet...}}

- bump version number to reload prototype pages

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add switch "-category_id" to weblog-portlet

use easier access to instance_attributes, some beautifications

provide easier access to instances_attributes for all types of pages

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Larger name change: alter xowiki::portlet (namespace, class, variable names,

package parameter) to "includelet" to reduce confusion between dotlrn portlets and xowiki

(xowiki can be used as an portlet in dotlrn). The change script copies e.g. the

old package parameter "top_portlet" to the new parameter "top_includelet".

This change effects as well many adp files; in case of local tailorizations,

please change your files as well accordingly.

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adapting xowiki to use the new interface of xotcl-core

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adding the release version of xowiki and xotcl-core to the oacs-5-3 branch

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file weblog-portlet.page was added on branch oacs-5-3 on 2007-08-01 21:39:27 +0000

localizing months, add "-entries_of" to RSS,

beautifying some output, i

fix new-page-link for FormPages,

allowing add-new item in general in book view,

changing parameter name "instances_of" to "entries of" in weblog-portlet.page, bib.page, announcements.page

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allow detail_link in summary mode as well

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bump version number for registering service contract for FormPage, new form file types url and detail link, detail_links for weblog

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extend weblog to be able to handle page and form instances, make it possible to specify form and/or template in a xowiki::Form, first draft of form constraints and form fields

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upgrade to 0.49, make tags/categories/social software widget per element in weblog, break-up of rather monolithic view method to handle footer elements via includelets, contributors page, oacs-view2

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update for version 0.46: annoucement prototype, notification button fix, new parameters for autoname and display_page_order

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fixing google site map, move package-level methods from xowiki-procs to package-procs, where they belong

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provide a "more..." link for summary mode in weblog listings

  1. … 4 more files in changeset.
Version 0.36. evaluation contexts, prototypes, direct includes, better weblog, security management enhancements, better notification management, some bug fixes, ... and tabs replaced by spaces...

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