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reduce warnings on loading: Move resources to non-deprecated location

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provide mimetype to "text" field (otherwise form is incorrectly displayed in browser)

use localized_text for folders and links

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Improve tailorability of folder.form via _description field

Similar to what's used on the wi-book site

Restoring xowiki code to yesterdays state. Hopefully getting rid of today's unwanted commits.

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revert previous change

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fix prefixed_lookup to invoke methods on inherited content

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add viewers parameter in folder.form.page

- title in folders get a default value, so no need to make it required

- add required fields

- omit nls_language in folder and link forms

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- some more code-regrouping/commenting

- renamed "isform" to "is_form" for consitency

- use consistently dash instead of underscore in includelet names (child-resources)

- extended ext. callable method list for folder-listings (requires currently the folder extension)

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- return names with paths in importer

- import forms with canonical names

- fix name clash in includelet "recent"

- provide warnings when forms cannot be located (e.g. after import)

- return canonical names in "instantiate_forms" after import_protoype_page

- finish "Page.is_folder_page"

- add flag "refetch" for Package.require_site_wide_pages

- add newer version of prototype page folder.form.page

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- update simplifed folder form

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- adding a new nameing convention for forms and workflows

* a form should be named xxxxx.form

* a workflow should be named xxxxxx.wf

This naming convention helps to improve the user interface and

can avoid confusions for novices.

- follow naming new naming convention and changed prototype

pages accordingly.

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