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update to 0.53, internationalization, using form-fields where appropriate, slot changes

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make categories more robust for syndication

Version 0.36. evaluation contexts, prototypes, direct includes, better weblog, security management enhancements, better notification management, some bug fixes, ... and tabs replaced by spaces...

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0.35: improved error handling, optional display of used categories per page, notfications per categories, minor fixes.

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don't include folder object in weblog

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upgrade to xowiki 0.28. tag support; improved weblog support; some cleanup in portlets files

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fixing empty category tree

upgrade to version 0.27. alignment with xotcl-core 0.38 (use cr_item.name instead of cr_revisions.title), change page_title to title (potential incompatibility) to rely more strictly to the CR data model (most files are effected).

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Upgrade 0.26, escaping of ">>", "[[", "{{" and "@"an be done now with a single backslash, weblog support (see documentation)

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overhaul of the category display: it is now able to display multi-level deep categories, use cattree.css instead of mktree.css for a more dense display of the category tree in tree style (see category-procs.tcl for the whole path).

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let client script specify sort-order of category items

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add means to provide a different skin for cotegory includelet, fix caching when editing the folder object again.

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improved category display (faster, much less SQL queries, tree-style and plain style, opening tree automatically for a specified page), improved and unified CSS and JS handling (requireCSS and requireJS)

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upgrading to 0.22, fixing permission handling, added link to admin page, unitfied pretty_url handling, tested with oacs 5.1, more robust upgrade handling

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adding includelets for viewing recent updates of xowikipages as listing and by categories.

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upgrade to 0.21; providing two new attributes "page_title" and "creator" for all kind of xowiki pages.

The page_titles are used instead of page names (with the language prefix) where ever appropriate (e.g.

in category listing)

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providing means to store xotcl objects in the CR; using such an object to configure xowiki; editing wiki objects require admin permissins on the folder; setting "index_page" in admin object uses this wiki page as start page; improved admin interface; made categories pluging more robust for relative paths

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some support for handling multiple category trees, some cleanup

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adding plugin for viewing categories

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