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improve wording and fix typos

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use more descriptive variable name

don't return @cr_fields ad form_field by create_form_fields_from_form_constraints

split up large method into three

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add item shuffling for test item procs and do some minor refactoring

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Make ::xowiki::Page pretty_link explicitly private, as should be called only after package initialization

::xowiki::Package pretty_link is the public api to generate links

Refer doc to where most of the magic happens

Fix typo, doc changes

undo change which invites to call pretty_link on uninitialized packages

Improve doc

Make sure package is initialized, as we do downstream

Make sure page template is instantiated as we do downstream

Improve documentation

remove unneeded statement

improve comments

add option to control path encoding to the method Page.pretty_link for symmetry (was already allowed on the package level "pretty_link" method

added flag "-lookup" to Page.create_form_fields_from_form_constraints to avoid optioanlly recreation of form-fields

relocate update_hstore from xowf to xowiki::hstore, where the other hstore helpers exist

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reduce verbosity

reduce verbosity

make sure to avoid empty .css or .js requests

make "include_header_info" and therefore handling of "extra_js" more robust

improve comments

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fix bug: never update references in the search renderer

before, it was possible that the search renderer added some

unsresolved references, although these were already fixed.

This was caused by the asynchrnous search queue, which

might have inserted such values.

The interface of Page.render was extended to be able to

specify, that the references should be always updated in the DB,

or just when unresolved references are encountered, or


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improve input validaton on query variables

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use value checker in xotcl-core in get_query_parameter_return_url

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Keep returning the item id from next for code around expecting such behavior

address issue #3426: maintain a table of unresolved references

These unresolved references are local links of the form [[...]]). Since

backlink references (e.g. {{my-references}}) are mainted on on page edits

via ids, dead links could not be maintained this way.

A new table is created to maintain such dead links, and refreshes references

to dead links, when such pages are created.

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whitespace changes