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prefer usage of "xo::write_tmp_file" over "xo::write_file" for writing tmp files

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parameterize xowiki::test::edit_form_page with -next_page_must_contain

This changes supports more flexible checking of expected content on page after editing.

Default is backwards compatible

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added test case for form field validation

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relax creator check, return package instance name in result dict

::xowiki::test::create_form_page improve ease-ness to work with autonamed entries: return request dict containing page_info

CVS: ----------------------------------------------------------------------

move xowiki::test::get_url_from_location to automated testing

handle updaed query-handling in ns_parseurl

remoe dependency from file-storage tests to xowiki

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whitespace changes

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make "instantiate_forms" a method of packages

this reads better than the previous variant based on the Weblog class.

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improve wording

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improve spelling

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remove trailing newlines

define ::xowiki::test::require_link based on symbolic name

extend regression test

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fix potential confusion for test cases: make sure, the provided name and nls_language are aligned

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avoid overlong line and produce nicer URLs

add test case to show nameclash-behavior between folder and item

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- modernize code (remove "my")

- prefer fully qualified commands based on IDs

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update to newer testing interface

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- document the web-callable methods

- separater test cases from test helper procs

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support as well the request chaining interface with "-last_request"

make use of new feature for checkbox testing in acs::test::form_reply

Bump version number to 5.10.0d26 and adjust dependencies

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Move xowiki tests in the xowiki package

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Make xowf tests flexible in case a locale different than en_US is in use

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prefer "-base" parameter of export_vars

use proper method in xpath query to check attribute value

specify xpath query more

use more of new testing infrastrucure, including acs::test::reply_has_status_code and acs::test::reply_contains, or acs::test::get_form

move newly defined testing API (in OpenACS 5.10) to namespace acs::test

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move functions to acs-automated testing

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make edit_form_page more configurable

improve spelling

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