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add file upload to short_field type

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prefer accessing variable consistently via variable resolver check= methods

trim submitted value in answer_check=answer_words

fix and document answer_check=answer_words

implementation of feature request #3431

reduce verbosity

added "starred" grading scores, which should not be treated as final without teacher interaction

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improve spelling

provide "pretty_value" for text_fields, sort components of compound fields in "pretty_value"

add support in form-fields to add css class for td in TableWidget

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the includelet_key (as defined) may contain arbitraty characters.

Maybe, the key should be encoded in the future, but for now we keep this

for compatibility with potential applications

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include selected grading score in feedback

whitespace changes

fix issue #3373

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add item shuffling for test item procs and do some minor refactoring

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simplify handling of setting language for ckeditor

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check for connection and provide fallback for ckeditor language

improve comments

add scoring calculations

allow empty "correct_when" field

support multiple lines in text_fields (as used by sort-text questions)

distinguish betweem Tcl command "file" and '::xowiki::formfield::file'

- add stopword list for word cloud

- use just lower case words in word cloud

generalize "transimit_always" handling for select, radio and checkbox

fix a bug in multi-selects, when de-selecting the last element of an optional mulit-select (many thanks to Michael Aram)

handle more "correct_when" cases when providing a value via. "make_correct"

whitespace changes and fix logic for valid_subselection

make the same (transitional) change for for improved mobile behavior on radio checkmarks

use always check-box inline for formatting

include word statistics for text area