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better control of browser built-in spellcheck

- xowiki: added property "spellcheck" to formfield classes "textarea" and "text_fields"

- xowf: allow per-exam to activate/deactivate spellcheck in these widget classes

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avoid multiple substitution for question names starting with the same string (e.g. question, question-1)

disallow nested composite questions

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Make inclass-exam more foolproof

In case, the randomization is NOT suited for a real exam, do not allow

the user to publish this exam. In cases, where creating exams with

randomization=always are ok, pass "p.realexam=0" to the create

link (and call the entry maybe "training exam")

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provide better configuration of custom item types

when e.g. the question_type "case" is specified, it is implemeted

as an interaction "section" but with "twocol" predefined as "t"

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Improved punctuations between title components (text, minutes, points)

Made titles of subquestions configurable

bumped version number to 5.10.1d1

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factor out common code to reduce redundancies

added message key for sub-question, fixed cut&paste error.

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- fix collateral damage from earlier submissions download change (error: can't read "__form_fields")

- improve styling (many thanks to Monika Andergassen and Stephan Adelsberger)

for composite questions in 2-col layout

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bugfix: don't call get_non_empty_file_formfields in render_answers when in export mode

added composite question per default to the "New" pull-down menu, added message keys for German

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reinstantiate accidentially deleted code

add comments with class names to ease navigation in the source file

Initial support for composite questions

A composite question is a test-item containing other regular test

items. This makes it possible to define a larger test item case for

which arbitrary other questions can be associated (e.g. short text

question plus an MC and ordering question etc.). The randomization

features (shuffling, x out of N, etc.) of the included test-items are

preserved such that it is possible to present the student e.g. a sub

question where only 2 out of 5 possible alternatives are displayed.

The provided implementation builds for a composite question consisting

of a constant exam intro text and the selected sub items including

points, minutes etc. The points and minutes of the composite question

are computed as the sum of the points and minutes of the

sub-items. The actual sub-items are constructed at runtime such that

per-user randomization can be applied.

Current shortcoming: question with percent-substitutions are not

supported (since the exam intro text is placed at composite form

creation time already into the form, therefore, it is the same for all

students). Furthermore, the substitution semantics are not clear

concerning the included content.

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Added optional layout for question types, where question text and

answer interactions are displayed in two columns

The implementation supports responsive design and switches for small

width display again to single column display.

Supported question types:

- Text Interaction

- ShortText Interaction

- MC Interaction

- SC Interaction

- Reorder Interaction

- Upload Interaction

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xowf.info catalog/xowf.en_US.ISO-8859-1.xml tcl/test-item-procs.tcl www/resources/test-item.css

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allow sorting of submissions via query parameter

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Fix typo. Fixes 'files__tcl_file_common_errors' test case

factor out render_full_submission_form

fixed undefined parent_obj for stronly synchronous exams

set default grading scheme to "wi1p" instead of "wi1"

- fixed display of total points in exam protocol: base calculations on total points rather than the points achievable based on progress

- fixed typo in message key

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Improved handling of autosaved revisions

- reject autosave attempts when time for a student is up

(works for synchronized and non-synchronized exams)

- include submissions with autosaved content in exam protocol (even when state is "initial")

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show personal bulk-notification link only if at least one user can receive the notification

Maintain revision date for "update_attribute_from_slot"

This is not a full-featured version, since it does not update the

modifying user and the modifying IP (since this data is not

always available). But this version is at least good enough

for experimenting and checking for unwanted side-effects.

xotcl-core: upadated version number to 5.10.0d40

xowf: upadated version number to 5.10.0d39

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fix editing bug

add bulk-notification functionality to participants_table

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Handling of mutual overwrites in answer workflows

Mutual overwrites occur in answer workflows when a user manages to

open multiple browswer instances/or tabs on the same exam.

In case there was an mutual overwrite, the position as provided by the

instance attributes might deviate from the position, based on which

the actual form data was generated. So, for validating and updating

one has to change the position to the one from the form data (when

this differs). Note that the randomizer depends on property

"position" as well.

The new version avoids that the user might accidencially overwrite his

data and closes on mutual overwrite automatically the older instance


Bumped version number to 5.10.0d38

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Added warning, when (not all) requested forms could not be loaded.

Reduced verbosity.