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set type description for ::xowiki::formfield::monaco

improve spelling

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Make sure we load the Monaco js only once per request, in case multiple formfields are on the page.

Depend specifically from the form-field-procs file to support the case of reloads

Make xowf an explicit dependency, so that we don't need to require xowf and xowiki in the tcl files

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fix spurious colons

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Flag api as private

Add allowfullscreen

Move away from document.write, that would not reset the javascript environment of the document with many side effects and reimplement the fullscreen preview using an iframe

Improvements for the HTML sandbox feature:

- name the formfield consistently with its ancestry

- provide two preview and visualization styles: inline, where the page is displayed alongside the code and in an own window, opened by clicking on a button

- allow to customize whether one prefers the inline style preview, the window preview or none via the preview_inline and preview_window parameters

- fix visualization when formfield is rendered as readonly and no monaco editor is available

- localize button text

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New HTML sandbox formfield based on the Monaco editor formfield

This field implement an HTML sandbox. The user can edit HTML code and see the result rendered in real time as a standalone document using an iframe. This formfield is meant for quick prototyping of HTML pages which can then be shared among other wiki users, taking also advantage of other wiki features such as versioning, access control and so on.

Whitespace cleanup

Provide for non-interactive model rendering of program text using Monaco's colorizer; draw a line between disabled and ready-only modes

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Adding URN support for Monace resources (local install only, CDN to be done)

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add missing parameter

add missing parameter

Render embedding editor more robust when multiple editors are present, fix readyOnly mode

Initial import of xowf-monaco-plugin

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Initial revision

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