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request monitor overhaul:

- new parameter "do_double_click_prevention" (default: on)

When turned off, double click prevention can be selectively

turned off.

- new parameter "monitor_urls" (default: / /register/ /dotlrn/)

track for these URLs performance via minin responsetime plugin

- added upgrade script for removing old parameters

- bump version to 0.60

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whitespace cleanup

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merged changes from the oacs-5-9 branch and resolved conflicts

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- add editor hints

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- change "info command" -> "info commands"

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Adding a helper class to handle package parameter lookups efficiently and

to handle propagation from parameter-changed callback.

Provide interface for counter to load old statistics.

Overwork Malte's loading of the statistics from the logfile.

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Made sure we are 'only' running into a problem with throttle do eval. Need Gustafs help here

Added callback for parameter change

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