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Use portable sql idioms

fixing broken search: unknown function callback::exists removed, missing query added.

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commiting search work from sloan

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Put functions into a search:: namespace and make most private.

Add a search::queue and search::dequeue command

define_function_args/package_exec_plsql to avoid db specific xql files.

unset datasource when finished with it.

bump to 5.2.0d2 + postgresql upgrade script.

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put functions in a namespace, make them private, fix small bug with handling 'seen' objid in search::indexer, get rid of useless db_transaction call, check that a driver exists before doing anything in the sched proc

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merge of 4.6.3b1 to HEAD

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corrected content_get.get_lob_data to search_content_get.get_lob_dat bug 183/patch 60 Mark Aufflick

merge from oacs-4-6

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fix query bug 1760/patch 456 Tilmann Singer

fixed search_observer query

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the package is 99% ported to oracle. the only file that still requires a

little porting is www/search.tcl

now all someone needs to do is write the FtsEngineDriver for Oracle. i didn't

do it since i didn't need site-wide-search quite yet.

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