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Fixes during the creation of the search observer queue for Oracle 19c:

In essence, the change repairs the following error:

Warning: Package Body created with compilation errors.



-------- -----------------------------------------------------------------

16/7 PL/SQL: SQL Statement ignored

16/40 PL/SQL: ORA-00933: SQL command not properly ended

remove spurious parens

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Handle potential race condition in search observer queue maintenance

In some cases, when e.g. objects are quicky deleted after updates, the

object might be already be deleted when being tried to trigger a

DELETE operation in the search queue. as a consequence, one can sometimes

observer errors like the one below. The new code double-checks now,

if the object for the DELETE operation still exists.

ERROR: insert or update on table "search_observer_queue" violates foreign key constraint "search_observer_queue_object_id_fk"

: DETAIL: Key (object_id)=(497509146) is not present in table "acs_objects".

: CONTEXT: SQL statement "insert into search_observer_queue (

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Merged from 5.4.2

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Found some more intermedia stuff to remove.

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Remove intermedia specific files

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Remove 'exit' lines that caused datamodel to be incompletely installed. Comment out creation of triggers for forums, static-portal, acs-events, faq, survey and photobook (should go in their own package)

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commiting search work from sloan

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first draft for .lrn search. run load-site-wide-search shell script to install

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the package is 99% ported to oracle. the only file that still requires a

little porting is www/search.tcl

now all someone needs to do is write the FtsEngineDriver for Oracle. i didn't

do it since i didn't need site-wide-search quite yet.

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