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Safe Exam Browser support reform:

- capture both RequestHash and ConfigKeyHash from the request headers and use both to validate the request. This enables to choose to just enforce the plain conf, instead of the whole conf+binaries combination, which is platform-specific

- support storing multiple keys, required e.g. to support multiple platform-specific keys

- make suppling of the config file optional

- extend automated tests to cover new features

- clanup redundant index

- return config file using its stored filename

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Correct hash challenging:

actually, the hash sent by the browser changes based on the requested URL, so it does not make sense to set it directly.

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Basic backend support for Safe Exam Browser (https://safeexambrowser.org/):

via the API is possible to associate a Safe Exam Browser configuration and its validation key to

the proctored object. The proctored page will then take care of enforcing that, if the safe exam

browser is in use, the supplied request header matches with the configuration and the URL.

When such match fails, we now return the configuration file to the browser, so that users can

open it and restart their session properly configured.

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Add missing message key

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Handle as well the already existing possibility that audio is not recorded

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Extend the proctoring configuration datamodel to store and manage also information about whether we want to record combination of camera and desktop

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Add message keys, they are meant for use in downstream UI

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Fix overquoting in english message key

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Include the technical error message in the popup to the user when missing stream error occurs

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Move examination statement acceptance as last step of the proctoring wizard, localize the accept button, bind ajax logging of acceptance to the actual clicking of the accept button

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Update message keys from downstream, bump version number to reflect new exam statement export feature

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Use parametrical system name in english message keys as well, left out for some reason...

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Replace leftover double quotes...

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Update new message keys from downstream, make system name come from parameter, reactivate volume too low error message

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Remove LEARN references from message keys

This change should be merged upstream so that the old ones are not overridden!

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Improve localization

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Add leftover info file to package

file proctoring-support.info was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

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