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Redefine foreign key constraints on the na_aggregators table so that there won't be need for package uninstantiation callbacks (as found downstream)

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Add missing constraint at creation

na_items_item_id_seq created before na_items tables

fix type and move na_items_item_id sequence create statement up before na_items table create statement

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lots of little tweaks for data cleanup on uninstantiate, some more UI work, bug fixes, etc.; added daveb's sweeper proc; not tagging v0.9.8 just yet though

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add a few indexes

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Minor tweaks to the UI and data model to better support instance awareness and manageability. The Oracle code is WAY out of date and, not having an Oracle install, I'm not going to worry about it now. Version bumped to 0.9.5b and I removed Simon from owner list as he's no longer active in the community. Release will be tagged oacs-5-1-compat but work will need to be done to get it going on oacs-5-2.

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Added the following fields to the news-aggregator data model:

- author, comment_page and pub_date to na_items

- source_title and show_description_p to na_subscriptions

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Import of news-aggregator version 0.4d (from Guan's and Simon's CVS) by Guan Yang <>

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Initial revision

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